Monday, November 17, 2008


There is a monster in my existence that torments me incessantly. Demanding, assuming the worst, and jumping to conclusions. And I just have to follow and tolerate this monster without question.

To combat the torment today, I went to my car, shut the door, and started to scream. Nothing held back, full of angst, vocally piercing, bloodcurdling screaming. I screamed until my tonsils were inflamed, ears were throbbing, lungs wheezed and eyes were streaming with tears. I didn't have the words to express my gut-wrenching frustration, just pure volume. Then I wiped my eyes, and nose, and drove home.

I'd never done it before. But it felt so good.


Ms. Liz said...

Good on ya honey. Way to just let it go. I would have started laughing at myself half way through.

Lori said...

Pretty soon you'll be outta that city and you can start over. Leave that monster in Detroit.

Lia said...

I do that occassionally. Except I cry, my nose swells, my eyes get all puffy and I get a whopper of a head ache when I'm done.

Hanson3 said...

I have a monster too! I just cry my eyes out though, I think I really am going to try the screaming though. Gosh life is SO rough somethimes!

Nicole said...

Might I suggest if you do the screaming thing, put in some ear plugs? The worst part of the screaming was how much it made my ears hurt.

It really is therapeutic, and this is coming from someone who cries so easily that her YW nickname was "Sister Kleenex"

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