Monday, February 1, 2010

Another Moving Fiasco - Lost and Beheaded

It's been just under a week since our moving truck arrived, and much of my time has been spent unpacking boxes and reacquainting myself with my wardrobe and kitchen wares. But as we've been unpacking, a few items we love haven't turned up. Most specifically, my Dad's old antique 1960's acoustic guitar, my purple bass guitar, and a subwoofer speaker.

See this picture, right in front on the right....MY GUITAR!!! Where, oh where, is it now???

We found our box of carefully wrapped, double-bubble-wrapped Willow Tree Statues, but most of them were BEHEADED!!! Moving 1 pulled a Marie Antoinette on us!!
We thought our small TV was lost too...but we recovered it in a box of Rosie's clothes??? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. I don't care too much about the broken mirrors and picture frames, the multiple cracked Rubbermaid containers, and a few other items that are missing. I want my guitars back! There's a chance the moving company found a strange place to stash them, but in our survey of every room in the strummable instruments found.

I called Moving 1 to find out how to file a claim with them. The receptionist bluntly said, "We are not responsible for lost or stolen items from your move." If that's the case, why on earth do they spend all the time tagging each packed item on the bill of lading? The receptionist sent me to a 3rd party claims company, who said that our lost and broken items will only be covered at $.60 per pound. Did you hear that???? My guitar valued at $1000 will only be replaced at sixty cents per pound!?! She said, "All movers offer full replacement insurance when you schedule your move." Well, yes, they did offer additional insurance....but should we be responsible for THEIR EMPLOYEES losing our beloved instruments???

I am sooooo ready for this fiasco to be over.


Kristina P. said...

Oh, Nicole, that so sucks.

Anonymous said...

You poor thing! Nightmare. I hope your treasures show up. Hang in there, girl. This too shall pass.

Lia said...

That's such a load of crap! I've heard these moving companies are all impossible, but oh my gosh!

Gina said...

I'm so sentimental. I feel so bad that your dad's guitar is missing.

$0.60?! So if it was a 1K diamond ring they lost, you'd get less than a dollar?

whiskey tango foxtrot - LOL very clever.

Jill said...

I'm so sorry! My sister lost ALL her scrapbooks in one of her moves, too. Never did find them. You gotta wonder where all this stuff ends up.

Anonymous said...

New reader, LOVE your blog... I'm SO sorry your things are missing. I can relate, after moving a few years back I realized one very important item was missing- an antique grandfather clock! I got a similar song & dance too. I think its' value was about 75 cents per pound!

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