Thursday, October 25, 2007

Which is worse?

Is it worse to have tonsilloliths or actually know what they are and how to remove them?

It looks like a trip to the doctor is in order. My right tonsil is swollen, my glands are swollen, my ears hurt, and my nose won't stop running. At first I though it was just allergies, but I'm fearing that I'm coming down with my third case of tonsillitis this year. I'm pretty sure I've got an ear infection too.

Sorry this blog has been abandoned for a few weeks. I haven't had much to say. I'm still not sure about the if/when details of a Detroit move. I haven't had any bursts of creativity or amazingly fun activities to descriptively dissect. I've seen Taylor twice this month, and both visits were lovely.

Maybe if I stay home sick, I'll give a more detailed blog.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

My score

For those who only know what's going on in my life through my blog, I just wanted to let you know that I passed my final!

I got a 78%...which is pretty great. I talked to my advisor who said the 54% passing score on the test was equivalent to a I did great.

I'm still not sure how I did so well. So many of my answers were only guesses. But I'm happy nonetheless.

Tonight is Nikki Forova at Genghis Cohen, then a night on the town in Hollywood with some of my favorite Cali people.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The big exhale...

I am done with the least 99% done for now. I can breathe again. My evenings will be much more free for the next month. Unfortunately, I also think I just bombed the final. After 4 months of studying, analyzing, memorizing, preparing and praying...I thought that I was justified in walking confidently into the University of La Verne testing center.

Boy was I wrong.

For two hours and 80 questions, I was forced to stare at a computer screen with my heart beating fast and my mind blank. I've never been a good test taker, except for in French class (I always seemed to be more intelligent en Francais) Questions were asked that I knew the answer to...but the multiple choice selections never seemed to include the answer I was certain would be correct. All of my silly mnemonic devices (like how you AdaPT to the PATh/Goal theory and SMuRF communication styles) did me NO good. I was left guessing. And most of the guesses were shaky because any of the answers could have been argued to be correct. Terminology that was not used in the textbook, glossaries, and pre-made course flashcards was the majority of the test.

The course that I've been taking is a 12-credit one. Not just a total of 12 credits=1 full-time semester of 1-3 credit course choices. It's 12 credits = pass the class or you don't get credit for the whole 5+ months of work. I'll have one chance to retake it, so hopefully I can redeem myself if I don't get the 54% pass threshold. Usually on tests I'm able to tell right off if I got half the questions right. On this one...who knows.

I have to wait until Monday for my score. So much for a totally relaxing study-free weekend.

At least I have Genghis Cohen to look forward to on Saturday night.

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