Sunday, September 30, 2007

Still Undecided

Yesterday I looked on the Trader Joe's website and found out that there are a couple TJ's in the Detroit metro area. Could moving there really be that bad if I can get my Pirate Booty, smart water, organic sliced mushrooms and Promax bars???

I am still feeling undecided about my future plans. I'm not feeling very settled at work lately...each day a feel twinges of job insecurity that I can't quite put my finger on. I'm happy that Taylor's time in Memphis is drawing short, and I'll probably see him this weekend for our anniversary. But I won't be able to see him for very long...and it troubles me. In my prayers and soul searching, I don't feel like I've gotten a clear answer for what is the best course for my family. When I give people the 2 minute version of the decisions that I'm facing...the usual response is "Your family needs to be together, even if it means Detroit." But the 2 minute version of the decisions I'm facing isn't adequate to tell others of the full weight of the decision.

October will consist of a lot of researching, job-hunting, soul-searching and figuring out the best course for the Bullock family. Hooray for tough life decisions!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Only in California...

Only in California do you see:

A Jaguar parked at the Dollar Tree

A Wal-mart parking lot with more BMW, Mercedes, Porsches, and other luxury cars than sensible economy cars

A spankin' new Bentley stop up traffic on Fairfax just to stop for a coffee and newspaper at the sidewalk vendor

Today is Saturday

Things I need to do today:
Grocery shopping
Take Rosie shopping for a birthday gift
Take Rosie to birthday party
Primary program practice 4:30-6:30
Drop by Weight Watchers to weigh in
Read the last 64 pages of my textbook and take the practice final
Ship out a birthday gift for Taylor
Do more research on Detroit (living areas, schools, jobs, etc)
Pay car payment, credit card bill, electric bill, daycare tuition, and student loan payment

But to be honest...I don't really want to do any of it today. I'm perfectly content in my pajamas, reading random blogs, and snuggling with Rosie on the couch as she watches Spongebob.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Prius Envy

Yesterday, my neighbors two houses down came home from the dealership with a shiny new Toyota Prius. I've been a closet fan of the Prius since my friend's family purchased one a few years ago. And as a self-described "autophile," there's a part of me that has a deep sense of envy when someone I know gets a new car.

I only have to look back one year to the day I came home with the black 2007 Honda Fit Sport. It was unique-looking, fun to drive, and had tons of fun features. I was over-excited for the chance at being the envy of my neighbors. But it didn't take long before someone else got a cooler car, the payments became out of control for our budget, and I knew that having the newest and greatest car wasn't a necessity.

I'm happy with my Camry. It has it's a super-sensitive alarm system that blares out for no apparent reason occasionally. But it's dependable and affordable, and a sensible option for a mom. But a small flicker in me feels the "Prius Envy." So here's my little blog about the Prius...and then I can get on with my homework.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Beautiful Rose

Today is Rosie’s 7th birthday. My darling, sweet daughter is 7. Lucky number 7.

In some ways, when she came into my life…I didn’t feel ready. I was young; I hadn’t been married as long as I felt necessary before bringing a child into the family equation. I wasn’t sure if I was “grown up” enough to be a mother. But being a mother has helped me “grow up” in ways I’d never expected, nor could have experienced without her.

From her earliest days (i.e. 5 days old) she was thrust into an environment of people who love and adore her. I was unable to care for her as the grips of death tried to beckon me near. As I nearly succumbed to the illness that almost left her motherless, she was taken in by extended family, friends, and ward members. Her happy temperament has instantly endeared many people to her since this time.

Rosie is friendly, empathetic and caring. She seeks out the sad and shy kids and brings them into her circle. She has consoled me on nights that I’ve been sick, depressed, lonely, stressed, and hopeless. We haven’t had the “typical” family life, dealing with divorce, remarriage, and now a loving husband/father that lives on the other side of the country. But out of these trials and experiences, our bond has grown so strong.

We’re buddies. We’re pals. We’re partners.

She has a zest for life. She scatters happiness and hope everywhere she goes. She has a quick wit and infectious smile. She’s willing to try new things. She tries to act grown up, but then her streak of silliness will remind me that she’s 20 years younger than me.

And she’s beautiful, adorable, cute, and lovely. I could look at her all day. But she rarely sits still long enough for me to keep a close eye on her. But that’s okay, because I want her influence spread around for all to enjoy.

I'm a lucky mom.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


One caramel Nips candy that I broke my tooth on: about 3 cents
Root canal and gold crown to repair molar #16: $965
Knowing that I'm supporting the career of a local dentist? Priceless.


Even with dental insurance, I will have to pay almost $1000 for one tooth. And that doesn't include the 4 other crowns that I need. I've got awful, soft teeth, and I'm not always 100% on brushing and flossing. I haven't been to the dentist in just over a year, and now I'm kicking myself for waiting so long. I'll have to apply for financing because it'll be a couple thousand to get all the work done that I need. *sigh*

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Personal DNA

Monday, September 3, 2007

A quick triplog

I got in from St. George about two hours ago...what a long, hot drive that was! There was massive Vegas/holiday traffic that I hit around Stateline, and in all the normally 5-hour trip was 8-hours. The temperature got up to 120 in the desert, which was no fun at all. But my car did fine, Rosie didn't complain much, and now I'm home resting on my comfy couch.

Here's the short of it-

Friday- left work around noon. Picked up Rosie and hit the road. Decided to take the floor invitation with the cousins. A phone call the morning I left smoothed over some doubts I had about actually being okay to stay. I had dinner with their whole Bluhm family at Olive Garden, and went to bed early to prepare for an early morning.

Saturday- Brandon and Gary ran a half-marathon that ended in Gunlock. The ladies met up at the end of the race to cheer them on. Went back to the house, packed up, and went shopping with Rosie. Ate lunch at Cafe Rio, and did some school shopping for Rosie. Checked in early at the hotel, showered, and waited for my family to arrive. Went swimming, and had dinner at Outback.

Sunday- Slept in a bit, got some breakfast at the hotel, and went to a sacrament meeting in town. Came back to the hotel, bummed around for a few hours, and waited for dad's cold medicine to kick in. We went to Zion National Park, took the tram all the way to the end, did a hike at Weeping Rock, took a bunch of pictures, and visited the museum. Drove back into St. George, picked up some dinner for mom, and visited for the rest of the evening.

Monday- Had breakfast, bummed around the hotel with Mary, and stayed till checkout. Said my goodbyes and got family hugs. Went to the store to buy all the bags of Dill Pickle Lays (only 11 were available) so my coworkers will be happy. Drove for 8 long, hot hours, and now I'm home.

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