Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Interview from Wahlee_98

1. What is with the Verizon guy, anyway? It started out as a joke with some of my coworkers last year, as I was boy-hopping. They said that everyone looked like a geek. We would go to Fazoli's at lunch, and there were always hot guys with their Verizon nametags on (since their building is just around the corner from IHC) One time I came back and was talking about the "Hot Verizon Guy" and a few coworkers thought I meant the "Can you Hear Me Now?" guy. I can't remember the whole story...but I was telling Dan (who I was dating at the time) about this...and he thought it was funny and made the icon for me. I don't know how to make them I just keep it.

2. What do you miss most about living in Tualatin? What do you like most about living here? There are a lot of things I miss about Tualatin. Trees, my old friends, family, ward, no sales tax, being 75 minutes from the ocean, rain...but I have to admit that Utah feels more like home now. I like the strength of the church, the mountains, and being so close to family. Taylor hopes to turn me into a Californian... but I don't see that least for a few years.

3. Rosie wants a pet. What do you get? She really really wants a bird. When she can clean up after it and be responsible...I'll consider it. Taylor wants a long-haired dauchaund (However it's spelled)

4. What's the best book you've read lately? Take Me Home by Dean Hughes.

5. We need to get together this weekend. Are you free? Yes! I'll call you!

In other news...Steve's getting married May 7th at the Westminster Institute Building. That's the same night as my Viva Voce concert at Waterford Hall. If you are given the choice, please come to my concert.

Both of our cars got broken into last week....they tried to hotwire them but did not succeed. We had them in the shop and it was very inconvenient. I am so happy to have my car back, but even happier that I just changed my deductible to $100 from $500 per car. That would have been $800 more that we didn't have. Curses to you Honda-snafuing villians!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Finally Connected

We got internet! I am finally connected to the real world. Although I have to admit I am disappointed that I don't have any friends that IM me anymore. I can be logged on to MSN for hours, send a few greetings out, and have no replies. *sigh*

I am majorly bummed right now because some hooligan broke into both of our cars. They tried to hotwire them, but did not succeed. They were towed yesterday, and the repair show said they will try to have one of them done by Friday. We are borrowing my parents '89 Dodge Caravan (The THUNDERWAGON!) but it is a basket full of nightmares in and of itself. I'm glad I changed our insurance deductible from $500 to $100 per car...only $200 out of our pocket will be a do-able. The estimates on the Civic are over $1000 (because they have to replace the cruise control system) and the Acura will be around $900 (depending on parts) At least our cars weren't stolen, like the neighbors Civic was.

Shocker news!!!!!!!! Steve is engaged!!!! How on earth his fiance can forgive the fact that he is on bail for two first degree felony charges? I am innerly trying to decide if I should meddle. Warn her or something.

I am off to the gym. I am so un-motivated to be there, but I must. Then I have a Viva Voce rehearsal with the men. Our concert, Wind in the Willows is next Thursday night April 28 and another in May (I can't remember when) I'll post when I can remember.

Friday, April 1, 2005

April Fool

I thought about just letting my LJ sit and waste away in the internet black hole, then decided to post an update.

My 6 month anniversary is on April 8th, and I met Taylor on April 10th last year. The Baja Fresh we met at is now closed...any empty hole in a strip mall. So we can't reinact that date. But the Sting concert is on April 11th, and Taylor promised to make it an exceptional night. I am excited.

My family is on Oregon for an 11 day family trip. I am jealous. Rosie is vacuuming up hundreds of ants on their kitchen floor that have appeared since my fam left. One just bit my toe.

I got a perm for my birthday. It is super frizzy today. No amount of gel, creme, spray or smoother will tame it. But my shampoo makes it smell like peppermint. mmmmm.

I have a new supervisor at work named Patzy. Barbara was forced into early retirement (aka fired) team goal are exceptionally high, but the negative daily oppression is gone. It will be an adventure.

General Conference was excellent. It is such a blessing to hear the words of a living prophet. I realy liked Elder Nelson's talk too. Actually they were all good. Too bad Taylor had to work through the afternoon sessions each day. He's working at a bookstore at the airport called Simply Books. He thinks I need to read a book called "The Busy Woman Syndrome."

Viva Voce concerts coming up in a few weeks, stay tuned! I don't have the internet at home anymore. Taylor and I decided it was ridiculous to both have cell phones and a home phone...when the only thing we ever did with our home phone was use dial-up internet. I go through daily withdrawls. It's tough.

Work is more lame than ever. I could complain for hours...but I won't.
Finances stink. I could complain for hours about that....but I won't.

Christmas was awesome. We spent a few days with Taylor's family in California. The weather was warmer than Utah, but that isn't hard. I really can see myself living there.

My big gift was STING tickets!!! They aren't great seats, but that's what happens when you wait a month after the tickets go on sale. April 11 couldn't come any sooner.

I've gained weight since the wedding. It's depressing. My fat clothes are getting to small, this must be changed. I've so far exercised and eaten my "five a day" each day this year. Grrrr.

Yesterday there was another pre-hearing for Steve. I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened...but there is another one next week. All his info is on the district attorney's website. Ah, what fun things you can find online.

Rosie got her ears pierced. It's sooooo cute!

Viva Voce started up for the Spring season yesterday. I was so happy for the holiday break, but our season repetoire is quite entertaining...a Children's Program.

Hmmm....any other updates? Can't think of any.

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