Monday, August 24, 2009

Spray Paint and Pneumonia


I am splayed out in bed, feverish, coughing, and my lungs are on FIRE. I'm dosed up on antibiotics and steroids.

It turns out that I have a pneumonia, but I was a little surprised.

Rosie and her new (older) friends found some cans of spray paint in the basement, and went to town with a large canvas. I smelled something strong, and I thought it was finger nail polish. I asked Rosie, and she lied and said it was. I turned on some fans and attempted to air out the house, but the smell wouldn't go away. The next morning, I had a sore throat and cough. The scent lingered all day. I glanced through the bathroom and Rosie's room, as the fumes were as strong as an open bottle of nail polish. I checked out the basement, and nothing looked out of the ordinary. A few hours later, I was having slight shortness of breath. I grabbed my inhaler and felt marginal relief. I took a nap, and then checked every room in the house. I saw a wet spot on a piece of cardboard, and sniffed it. It was the smell! Then I turned around and saw a big 5'x5' work of spray paint art.

That evening, my friend Esther came over to spend the night. We went to Provo for a couple of hours, and when we returned the scent wasn't quite as strong. We joked that we were getting high off the fumes, but I really didn't feel great. By morning, the cough had worsened. I decided to take it easy for the day, and hopefully feel good enough for the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication at 3 pm. I was able to supress my cough enough to be in public, so we went to the stake center. I started to feel better. When we got home, the smell was Sharpies. I was fine for a few hours, but then the cough came back with a venegeance. I was freaking Rosie out with my monster cough, and she begged me to go to InstaCare.

I arrived around 7:30 pm, and had my vitals checked. I had a fever of 101.2, and my pulse ox was 95 (slightly decreased, but still normal). I explained my symptoms to the doctor, had blood drawn and two chest x-rays. I started getting the chills, and my temperature increased to 103.3. The x-ray showed evidence of the first stages of pneumonia. The spray paint fumes obviously irritated my lungs, but it actually helped catch the pneumonia before it got worse. He said there has been an increase of cases in pneumonia in Utah County this month, and with my history of asthma and ARDS, he didn't want to risk things getting worse. He sent me off with prescriptions for Z-Pack and prednisone and urged me to get them filled right away. But since it was after 9 pm on a Sunday night, no pharmacies were open in Spanish Fork or Springville. I had to drive up to Provo for the closest 24 hour pharmacy.

This morning I feel worse, but the smell in the house has improved. I've been coughing so hard that the muscles in my chest and back hurt. I've got a fever for sure, but can't find a thermometer. I'm going to take it easy today, especially because my husband flies in tomorrow. I'd hate for the little time I get to spend with him to be watching me hack up a lung and lie in a fetal position.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Camarillo the Cali Camry

I'm really attached to my car.

Last week, Camarillo the Cali Camry (Or Cami for short) hit 150,000 miles. I felt that it would be an opportune time to give an ode to my dear vehicle. We met in 2007 in Orange County. I'd been a Honda Girl who went to the lot originally scoping out Accords. After an unimpressive test drive, I decided against purchasing a particular Accord, and decided to browse the lot a bit more. Tried a Jetta with a shimmy. Quickly played with the idea of a small SUV....and then I saw a pristine looking Camry. I quickly knew it was for me, it drove well and was exactly in our price range. We signed on the dotted line and drove her home to La Verne. I was a little nervous buying her so quickly, as I hadn't sold my other car yet, but things quickly worked out with the sale of the Fittle.

Her name, Camarillo, comes from a town in Ventura County, near where Taylor and I went on our honeymoon. When he was in his flight training, we took a day trip and flew out to Camarillo for dinner. It was such a fun experience to fly over southern California and point out the freeways and landmarks, and have the sun set behind us over the ocean on our way back.

Cami and I have traveled much of the country together. In our two years, we've driven through California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Missouri, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. She's worn license plates for California, Michigan, and Georgia (and possibly Utah soon.) She's driven through temperatures from -15 degrees to +115 degrees, through wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, blinding frozen fog and scorching heat. She's seen gas prices from $1.43 to $4.80 per gallon. She forgives me when I don't wash her often enough. She's taken me to stores, churches, concerts, schools, parks, restaurants, family and friends' houses... as well as many, many trips to airports. She's been filled to the gills as we moved from California to Michigan, then to Georgia, then to Utah. She kept me comfortable and safe on my commutes to Montclair, Ann Arbor, and Emory. Her speakers have blasted my favorite music through them. We've spend a LOT of time together. Over 40,000 miles in 26 months.

Of course, she isn't without her quirks. When I purchased the car, I was only given a valet key, which means I can't open the trunk without popping the latch. The brake light on the dash has been wonky since the day I started driving it to Detroit. The cigarette lighter adapter has been broken for months. It has a rusty scar by the rear driver side wheel from when it was wounded in a Good Samaritan attempt. And last week the moulding on the passenger side started coming off. But I love her still.

Here's to another 150,000 miles!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yes We Can!

Everytime I see this commercial...I laugh myself into a fit. At first I thought it was an SNL commercial...but apparently it can be yours for only $19.99! Ch-ch-ch-chia!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quest for the Peach Milkshake

(peaches are one of my favorite fruits, by the way)

Before I left Atlanta, Chick-Fil-A started offering peach milkshakes. I got one and was in love. I've wanted one ever since.

When I got to Spanish Fork, the Arctic Circle by the freeway had big banners for peach shakes. Upon each driveby, I was tempted. When I decided to finally indulge, Arctic Circle was out of peaches for the day. The next time we went back, Rosie begged me for slushes at Sonic across the street instead. A few days later I was in Sandy and decided to go to the location there....but it's now a Walgreens. The day after that, I went to the one in Murray...but it's now a Beto's. Two days ago, I went back to the location in Spanish Fork...only to find out that they stopped serving peach two days prior.

This goes along with my other luck I've had in the dessert department in Utah.

I'd been following a bakery in Provo called the Sweet Tooth Fairy on Twitter, and have wanted to try their delicious looking cupcakes. When Taylor visited last week and we were in Provo, I talked him into getting a treat. We pulled up to their store, only to find they were closed on Mondays. Haven't had a chance to go back yet.

I went to McDonalds to get a caramel sundae, only to find out they no longer have caramel sundaes available.

I went to 7-Eleven on Free Slurpee day, only to find that they were out of 7.11 oz cups and we'd have to pay for our slurpee. At least they had my favorite flavor - pina colada.

But all is not lost...I DID find a bakery I adore called Flour Girls and Dough Boys in American Fork. My new friend Angie and I met with our kids for dessert last week. I am hooked on their orange cupcake with pomegranate filling and buttercream icing. And their coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


(I've seriously had food on the brain for the last month)

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