Thursday, April 12, 2007

Florida, Here I come!

I can't sleep...I've been up since 3:00 am...and I'm totally into that "kid-on-Christmas-Eve-who-knows-Santa-is-coming-tonight" mentality. I will be landing in Ft. Lauderdale in less than 16 hours to the loving arms of my husband. Yayyyy!

I'm about 97% packed now, just showered, and have almost 3 hours to kill until I leave for work. I've got a morning meeting then I'll leave for the place my hubby's called home for the last month. Well, maybe not home, but his temporary educational domiclie.

Jeers to, though. I ordered a new swim suit on their website on April 5, with shipping that was supposed to take 3-5 days. It was supposed to be here by yesterday. Even if it was delivered today, I'm not coming back to my house after 8am *sigh* I guess I'll wear one of my worn-out ones.


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