Sunday, September 30, 2007

Still Undecided

Yesterday I looked on the Trader Joe's website and found out that there are a couple TJ's in the Detroit metro area. Could moving there really be that bad if I can get my Pirate Booty, smart water, organic sliced mushrooms and Promax bars???

I am still feeling undecided about my future plans. I'm not feeling very settled at work lately...each day a feel twinges of job insecurity that I can't quite put my finger on. I'm happy that Taylor's time in Memphis is drawing short, and I'll probably see him this weekend for our anniversary. But I won't be able to see him for very long...and it troubles me. In my prayers and soul searching, I don't feel like I've gotten a clear answer for what is the best course for my family. When I give people the 2 minute version of the decisions that I'm facing...the usual response is "Your family needs to be together, even if it means Detroit." But the 2 minute version of the decisions I'm facing isn't adequate to tell others of the full weight of the decision.

October will consist of a lot of researching, job-hunting, soul-searching and figuring out the best course for the Bullock family. Hooray for tough life decisions!


Ms. Liz said...

cross roads always look exciting but no one tells you that they're also terrifying. Like really gurrilas or something. They're interesting but when you're face to face with them all you can imagne is how easy it would be for it to pound you into the ground and use your teeth for a nail file. I'll be praying for you - I know uprooting is hard. I'm here if you need anything! Anything at all. :D Muaah!

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