Tuesday, November 27, 2007

CRJ-200 1, Duck family 0

Yesterday was Taylor's first flight out of O.E. training. He was on reserve for the day with a three-day trip planned for Tuesday. He got called in for a quick out-and-back to Wausau, Wisconsin. It was a cold, snowy day in Detroit...but after an hour and a half of de-icing they took off no problem. But as they came in for the landing approach, Taylor and the captain saw a flash of birds. Within half a second, a group of ducks crashed into the plane. They lost control of the nose wheel door and lost hydraulic system 3. It smashed the radome, went through the nose cone, then the radar, then the bulkhead, ending up in the forward avionics bay. Warnings and error messages were flashing, and luckily they were able to get down the landing gear before the hydraulic system bled out. Passengers snapped pictures of the plane after deplaning on the tarmac. It was one of those "once in a career" moments...and it was on Taylor's first flight out of training.

Any witty comments for his pictures?


Rachel said...

No witty comments but...EW! And wow! and I'm so glad it was the ducks and not him.

A bird once flew into my car on the freeway and my window looked an awful lot like that plane. And I do mean awful.

B. N. Sullivan said...

Hi Nicole -

Thanks very much for dropping by Aircrew Buzz to tell the readers about this incident. Those are pretty dramatic photos! I'm glad to know that it was the poor duck that lost, and that the CRJ landed safely. I wish your husband a long career of safe, happy landings. Look after yourselves and each other.

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