Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Updates and Priorities

I found this sign at a sandwich shop in Canton. What a great life philosophy, eh? Thanks for the comment love in the post below! My best response yet (of course, it took a threat!)

I leave for Boston tomorrow night. I'm more excited about this trip than any other trip in a long time. I'll be a VACATION. I'll be staying in a Fairfield Inn (my favorite) I won't have to worry about only doing kid-friendly activities, or just "hanging out" like Taylor usually wants to do on vacation. Cola and I are going to be seeing the sights and recommuning with our Irish heritage. And I'll be designated driver on one of the most drunken days of the year. I want to see Harvard and MIT, Salem, Emerald Necklace, The Charles River, Fenway Park, Jamaica Plain, Chestnut Hill, Concord, and drive up the Cape.

Yesterday I finally resolved my Circuit City complaint. I went into the Westland location again, armed with copies of all my emails and receipts. The manager from my original visit was let go, and the new manager was in training in Florida. So I worked with the regional HR rep for Circuit City (their offices adjoined the store) and he apologized profusely, refunded the additional installation fee and gave a $24 service credit. So I walked out of the store with $93 credited back on my debit card and a smile on my face. It pays to be persistent!

I'm really, really behind in school. I'm supposed to have 50% of my coursework done by tomorrow's conference call for my Critical Theory and Writing class, and I'm still finishing up module one. I also am still figuring out my algebra/statistics class...but now that Taylor's into his class...we can work through it together. I decided I need to be a casual blogger again. It's going to hurt...blogging has become my favorite hobby.

I'm going to make some of my chocolate banana bread pudding once I post this, homework for a few hours, go to the gym, and homework for a few more hours. Gotta make up for part time effort on full-time coursework!


Nicole Bullock said...

How my day actually went:

Made banana cream pudding banana bread, not chocolate

Watched "Atonement" in bed with Taylor as he started feeling symptoms of the flu

Skipped out on the gym to do some cleaning and trip prep

Ate lunch at White Castle

Uploaded 4 more Gigs of music into iTunes while doing 3 hours of homework

Had dinner with the Kalinskis at Leo's and played some Wii

Allowed Taylor to crash in bed without distraction at 8pm with his 103 fever

Did 3 more hours of homework

Hopped into bed around 1 am

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