Sunday, July 20, 2008

Crazy July Schedule

Taylor left on another 4-day trip today. I feel like I've hardly seen him the past month. 4-day trip, then Cali for 3 days, then 4-day trip, then to SLC (together) for 3 days for the funeral, then 4-day trip, and three days off (which I worked 2). Once he gets back from this trip, he's taking Rosie to Cali for 5 days (She hasn't been back since December), flying her to SLC to wait a day till I go to SLC for my high school reunion. Taylor will be on another 4-day trip, so he's missing the reunion. He actually has been getting 14-16 days off per month the last 3 months, but he's gone almost every weekend. At church today, I was realizing it's been over a month since we've gone together, and he won't be home for at least the next two Sundays.

It's a blessing to have the flight bennies. Especially when you get on your first-choice flight. While Taylor and Rosie are in California, I've been contemplating taking a quick overnight trip somewhere. I don't think its a good idea to fly all the way out to Cali just for one day (when I did so in May it took a week to recover) when I'll be back in SLC the next weekend. Car rentals are disgustingly expensive right now, so I probably shouldn't plan on a city that I'd be on my own. I'm not too excited to spend a weekend at home, since our air conditioning is broken at our apartment, and who knows how long it will take maintenance to fix it.


Parry-larious said...

So much flying little time!!!

If you have time when you come out for your reunion, we'd love to see you. Let's make plans sooner than when you get here so we can be sure to see each other.

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