Thursday, September 4, 2008


At the junction of the 69 and 96 - this sign was the most exciting thing I found in Lansing

Saturday evening, Taylor called me from DTW. He was waiting around for his last flight of the night to Lansing. This particular flight is pretty ridiculous, only 75ish nautical miles and 23 minutes away. He went into his usual complaint about being "stuck in a lonely hotel room with a comfy bed and nobody to share it." I realized that the next day was Labor day, and I didn't have anywhere in particular to be. Rosie and I decided to drive up to Lansing to enjoy the Hampton Inn on the airlines' bill. We left Canton about 10 minutes before his flight left, drove the 70 minutes to Michigan's state capital city, and got to the hotel at about the same time as the hotel shuttle. We grabbed dinner at Bennigans, bummed around the hotel room for the evening, and slept on Taylor's favorite hotel mattress. A decent free breakfast was enjoyed, Rosie and I did some school shopping at the Lansing Mall, and we were back home in time to enjoy an afternoon BBQ at the Medleys.

One of these days, I'd like to fly on his plane with him to somewhere cool. But in the mean time, we have Lansing.


Lia said...

You gotta know somebody had a good laugh when they put that sign up!! How nice that you could go spend time with your hubby. Thanks for the hair comment. I'm going to try to maintain it. It's fun.

Erin said...

Fun times! Mike and I have done those rendezvous a couple times now when he had an overnight in AZO and I just happened to be in town. It's a lot of fun, a little mini-escape (and always entertaining to see the person at the front desk of the hotel watch the pilot walk in with a random woman... I doubt he sees our wedding rings and makes the connection). I also want to ride along on one of MIKE'S flights one day, but when that will actually happen, who knows.

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