Monday, April 6, 2009

CCCC March Madness Winner

Drumroll please!
It's time to announce the CCCC Comment March Madness Champion!

The winner is Mary (aka Quixotic Healer)

A special feature on Mary will be posted in the next week. She is the winner of a custom made care package for caring enough to comment one of more times for most every post of the last three weeks. If you are too impatient to read, here's a pic of her on my post when we saw Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Here are the final results:

Mary 31
Lori 28
Lia 27
Misty 15
Kemi 10
Laree 9
Elsja 9
Partner of a Pilot 6
Hizzeather 5
Mandy 4

Three comments: Erin, Gabrielle, Matt, Devri, Rachel N, Janelle
Two comments: Tripacerchick, Wahlee, KC Mom
One comment: Eetmost, Carrie, Anne, Rachel W, Lynsey, M-jed, Jennifer V

Thank you to all who participated! It made me smile each time I got an email pop-up alerting me of another comment. Lori, Lia, and me your addresses and I will send you a runner-up consolation prize for all your hard work!


elsja said...

This is a really awesome idea. I duno about a care package since I live pretty far from some of my readers- but even just the little profile thing you are doing is so cool. So many people read your blog and now they'll hopefully read hers as well!

I might have to steal your idea in the future :)

Lori said...

Congrads Mary! I may need to check out your blog a little further. I was there a time or 2 via Nicoles.

Lia said...

Congrats to Mary, alas my busy life got the best of me and I wasn't able to log on for the last entries! Bummer! No need for a booby prize, it was just fun and gave me a good reason to remember to log in.

Gabrielle Valentine said...

Okay, I'll just have to try harder next time. This is what your telling me? =) Just kidding.
I have been away from all technology for a while lately. This is what pink eye in both eyes does to you. It sucks. Just in case you've never experienced it yourself.
Hope you have a much more fabulous day than I will!!! talk to you soon. Haven't been on twitter lately (my eyes & tiny characters, etc)

Quixotic Healer said...

Thanks all! Apparently slow and steady really does win the race! All I did was decide to comment once on EVERY post (I thought I owed it to Nicole to participate) then, when I saw how well I was doing, I decided to up my stats a little with a few bonus comments.

I'm surprised and honored to win and to be held up against such lovely ladies! (I'll have to check out your blogs too :)

Misty said...

yes!! Runner up prize! Sweet!!!!

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