Saturday, August 1, 2009

Quest for the Peach Milkshake

(peaches are one of my favorite fruits, by the way)

Before I left Atlanta, Chick-Fil-A started offering peach milkshakes. I got one and was in love. I've wanted one ever since.

When I got to Spanish Fork, the Arctic Circle by the freeway had big banners for peach shakes. Upon each driveby, I was tempted. When I decided to finally indulge, Arctic Circle was out of peaches for the day. The next time we went back, Rosie begged me for slushes at Sonic across the street instead. A few days later I was in Sandy and decided to go to the location there....but it's now a Walgreens. The day after that, I went to the one in Murray...but it's now a Beto's. Two days ago, I went back to the location in Spanish Fork...only to find out that they stopped serving peach two days prior.

This goes along with my other luck I've had in the dessert department in Utah.

I'd been following a bakery in Provo called the Sweet Tooth Fairy on Twitter, and have wanted to try their delicious looking cupcakes. When Taylor visited last week and we were in Provo, I talked him into getting a treat. We pulled up to their store, only to find they were closed on Mondays. Haven't had a chance to go back yet.

I went to McDonalds to get a caramel sundae, only to find out they no longer have caramel sundaes available.

I went to 7-Eleven on Free Slurpee day, only to find that they were out of 7.11 oz cups and we'd have to pay for our slurpee. At least they had my favorite flavor - pina colada.

But all is not lost...I DID find a bakery I adore called Flour Girls and Dough Boys in American Fork. My new friend Angie and I met with our kids for dessert last week. I am hooked on their orange cupcake with pomegranate filling and buttercream icing. And their coconut oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.


(I've seriously had food on the brain for the last month)


KC Mom said...

You should be able to find peach shakes in Utah pretty soon. Especially in the northern areas. I bet the Artic Circle ones are pretty good too.

tammy said...

Fresh peach shakes are my favorite!

I saw your comment on Grammee's blog and was interested in the pilot's wife group you belong to. My hubs is also a pilot.

GabrielleValentine said...

poor girl! I hate that when you have your heart set on something and it's out. I, too, have been eating up a storm this month. It's gotta be stress.

Valerie said...

I've wanted to try Flour Girls and Dough Boys and after hearing the names of those desserts, I really want to!

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