Thursday, April 17, 2008

A few good things

After such a downer post, here are a few good things....

-The Ben Folds Concert- Mike, Erin and I drove out to Adrian to see Ben Folds last night. It was over an hour each way on winding country roads, but the music was great. Even if the music wasn't was worth going to see obese toga girl and the girl who danced like a maniac while everyone else stood still.

-A few tiny buds on trees- We might actually see some green in Michigan soon. I'm so sick of the color gray.

-Payday- We can pay most of our past due bills this month. It still blows my mind that Taylor's student loan payments are over $1500/month.

-Taylor- He gets home from a week of high-speeds to Montreal. I'll get to see him more than an hour a day until Sunday night.


The Bitner Family said...

Hey Nicole, sorry things have been sorta rough lately. I am glad to see that you've had some good things to get you through the rough patches.

Don't even get me started with overdraft charges. We've fought that battle ourselves! Blurg.

And moving out here, so far away from good friends and family, totally does suck. I had a difficult time adjusting to it myself. You are totally welcome to drop by my place any time. Although, I look and act pretty crazy these days (lack of sleep) and smell of spit up most days. :-S

Summer is on it's way! I really think you will enjoy summertime in Michigan. It is so beautiful!

Anyway, call me any time!

The Bitner Family said...

Oh and I have to add that I am so jealous of the fact that you were able to go to the Ben Fold's Five concert! I heart them!

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