Friday, April 18, 2008

More good things...

The 40 minute walk I took on my lunch break in sunny, 75 degree weather

The free tickets to the Ann Arbor symphony from one of the doctors I work with

The daffodils and crocuses that are finally in bloom (still haven't seen any tulips though)

Taylor's bonus check that covered this month's car payment

Finding a store that sells Coke Vanilla Zero and diet Vernon's ginger ale consistently

Putting on capris and sandals after work

Rice Krispy Treats made with strawberry flavored marshmallows


Jennette said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!! There's still so much happening in the next 3-4 months so everything is a little crazy right now. Here's one more reason to smile: Flight of the Conchords CD comes out this Tuesday (Best Buy $9.99). There will be laughter, oh yes!

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