Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Destination baptisms?

Rosie turns 8 one month from today. She is adamant about getting baptized ON her birthday. We can't make solid plans until Taylor gets his September schedule on August 21. We've been thinking about who would come, and realized that no family would be there. We'd have some people from our ward and a few friends if we had it in Michigan. And maybe Aunt Liz would fly out. We started talking about our own baptisms, and how great it was to be surrounded by extended family, and thought about the possibility of having the baptism in Utah or California. If we traveled, we'd have a aunts, uncles, grandparents, and close friends. However, if we choose one location over another, we'd have the other side of the family feeling left out. I could probably take the day off before, but it would be another stand-by quick trip.

I know that it's the act and ordinance of baptism that's the important part. It only requires consent of the bishop and two witnesses. But is it a better option to be with family?


Jennifer said...

That's a toughie. Personally, I would do the baptism where ever Rosie is going to have the most support. Where ever she can look out and see the most smiling, loving faces at her as she prepares to make this covenant. We've never had the problem of not being close to family cause we have always lived by our family. I can imagine how hard it would be to want family to be with you and have them far away.

Stacey said...

Nicole- See if your bishop will allow you to video record the baptism and post it on your blog...if allowed. That way- others can see Rosie getting baptised and won't feel like they are missing out. I don't know if they will allow this,but it would be worth asking..

Suzy said...

Well if you decide to do it here in MI, we'll come and smile at her.

I know that's a hard decision. When we blessed Maryn, I was living a million miles away from my family and it was hard not having them there, especially my Dad.

Good luck in your decision.

Matilda said...

I feel your pain. When I got baptised, we lived in Mass, and we were going to the temple to be sealed as a family, so I had to be baptized before we left. We were going with some other folks, on the ten hour joruney. We woke up early, headed to the church, baptized me, jumped in the cars and drove to DC. ALL on my Bday!!

Well when my babies were little, I had NO priesthood holders close by in my family. So in the blessing circle we didn't have any family:(

When Nick, my oldest turned eight. I desperatly wanted it to be ON his bday-by himself- like mine! :) My brother was coming for a visit, so we used that as the excuse!! heehee...

We have since moved, and the stake I'm in, is FREAKISH about not filling the font more than once a month for baptisms. So my second one, had to do it, with ten other kids. His bday is in Sept, but he did't know any of the other kids, and none of his friends could come, cuz it was during a football game of which he and all his friends were in. So he waited until Dec, when he could share the day with kids he knew.
I know I've rambled on, but I'm a firm believer in doing what ever you can to make the day special for the child. If you can't have family around, make sure you do something special with her after. But if you CAN be with them...I would do it. Go where the most can congragate! That's what I say!!
Good luck...sorry for the novel!:)

Parry-larious said...

I absolutely vote that Rosie get baptized here in Utah so that we all can come. I'll volunteer to throw a potluck/bbq after the baptism if you want. You still didn't send me your address so I can send Rosie a present. But if you are here, I'll just save it until then.

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