Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two homes for sale

My parents have finished the packing, cleaning and repairs on their house in Murray, and it's on the market now. It's sad to think that this house may be in someone else's name the next time I'm in Salt Lake. They have lived there for 15 years.
Also, my Grandma Watson has decided to sell her house in Tualatin, OR and to move to Salt Lake. She wants to spend the time at the Family History Library and live two blocks from Temple Square. If she sells her house quick enough, she might be living in the same apartment building as my parents. She's lived there almost 20 years.

So many memories in both of these homes. It's hard to believe that they'll be out of the family soon.


Suzy said...

I was so sentimental about the house I grew up in and when my parents sold it, it about broke my heart. I probably packed 4 boxes of useless junk out of there in an effort to hold onto the memories. I actually still drive by it sometimes because it's on the way to their new condo from my house. How pathetic is that!?!

Anyway, it's weird having other people live in the house you knew as home for so long, but their new house will also become home eventually.

Kim said...

I know how you feel...when my grandma passed away I really thought my mom and aunt would sell her house and the thought just upset me so much..that was the house I knew as grandma's many memories. Luckily my mom decided to keep it and although she has changed just about everything about's still grandma's house~!

Lia said...

I really love Oregon!! And your grandma's home and property are very lovely. I don't know where that city is though. I'm probably showing my ignorance. What's she asking for her house? My dad still lives in the house my parents bought when I was 3. It needs to come down!!

Celeste Weekes said...

Wow! Your parents are moving? Where are they going? I'll miss knowing that they live around the corner! It was always a comfort to me knowing they were there! That's going to be a HUGE change for your family! How are you doing!!! I MISS YOU! MOVE BACK TO UTAH!

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