Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Listen up, Cali folks…my first giveaway!

This weekend I’ll be in California. It’s time to see my family and friends, and soak up some sun. As I was looking at rental cars, I found a super deal on my rental car, and gas prices are down dramatically. I’m not totally broke after paying bills this time. I’m feeling generous…so my first giveaway is now! And what is the fabulous prize?

(up to $10 value)

If you are free for breakfast Saturday morning (November 1) please comment! Tell me why you deserve a meal and 1-2 hours of my precious time in Cali. Whether you’re a long-time friend or non-scary blog lurker, this is your chance to eat with the infamous phenomenon that is Cuteculturechick. You will even be free to choose the restaurant!
If you want to bring a friend (or two that knows and loves me) to enjoy the meal, bring ‘em along!
Who’s feelin’ lucky?


Quixotic Healer said...

Ah man!!!

I will most likely be at a funeral on Sat. morning.

Too bad. Have fun, and good luck to you all!

Thomas said...

Nicole, It's your cousin Thomas. Did you know that I moved to Orange County? Well I'm here, are you going to be close to OC at all? I'd love to see you. As you've probably heard there is a pretty heated political battle here with proposition 8 defining marriage. This is the last big weekend before the election and so I have committed a few hours Saturday to promote the cause. But let me know what your plans are and hopefully I can work something out. But if something else comes up, please feel free to take the opportunity, and we can catch up some other time, it seems like you come out here fairly often.

Nicole said...

Thomas! Consider yourself a winner!I would love to get together with you! It looks like we weren't able to meet up this summer when you were in Michigan, but I'd love to find a way to make this work tomorrow. I'm currently in Atlanta, trying to get on an LAX flight this morning. I'll get your number from your mom later on today. Maybe we can meet in Brea or Fullerton...that'd be about halfway.

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