Saturday, January 10, 2009

An Experiment

For all of those who have me in your Google reader...I'm curious how many people subscribe because I'm constantly finding about people stalking my blog in locations that never show up on my Sitemeter. For a while I'm going to post my blog in "short mode" and will only put the juicy details of my posts below the first 255 characters. No pictures will show up either. Just for a while, you guys!


Thomas said...

Hi Nicole. I use google reader. I almost never visit actual blogs. Have you looked in to using feedburner and/or google analytics. I think it will give you lots more info than you are already getting and it's pretty easy to use, if I remember correctly. Oh, and I don't know about others, but I have so many items in my reader that I hardly ever click through for blogs in short mode.

Nicole said...

I actually added in the code for Google Analytics this morning. A friend with lots of web design experience uses it often and he prefers it for tracking. Once I know it's working, I'll go back to normal feed mode.

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