Thursday, January 22, 2009

Social Calendar

If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you've probably noticed that I have a hard time sitting still for long. I'm impulsive and daring, and love to try new things and going places. I was marking up my new calendar at work with everything going on in the next few months...and it's going to be a blast!

Jan 24: Touring Athens, GA with my friend "Tall Amy" from HS

Jan 29-Feb 1: California. I'll spend Friday at Disneyland with Liz, an evening with friends Friday night, and go to Hizzeather's wedding reception Saturday and a Nikki Forova Concert. Hopefully Taylor will join Rosie and I, since he'll have that weekend off (*note* if you're a friend that want to see me Friday in Cali, let me know)

Feb 5-7: The weekend of my birthday. Taylor is on reserve for the 5th (my actual birthday) but he's off for the rest of the weekend. Friday night we're going to have a birthday/housewarming party, and Saturday we'll tour cool destinations in Atlanta (World of Coca-Cola, CNN Tour, Georgia Aquarium, etc)

Feb 14: Valentine Day. Taylor's got something up his sleeve

Feb 17-19: Three Fox Elipsus Concerts in the Atlanta area (and if I weren't at those, I'd be seeing Nathan McEuen in Nashville)

Feb 20-22: Texas. I'm going to stay with my HS friend Janet Jackson (except she's not famous nor skanky) and tour the Dallas/Fort Worth Area. And hopefully hit Six Flags over Texas at some point

Feb 27: Missy Higgins and Justin Nozuka Concert at the CW Loft

March 17: NKOTB concert in Greenville, SC (I've got an extra ticket if you're interested)

March 19: A big gala event for work that I get to be all fancied up for

April 3-5: Chicago for Pilot Wives Club Meet-up!


Cpt. J's Wife said...

My birthday is the 5th too!!!

Nicole said...

Cpt. J's Wife - What a coincidence! I knew I liked you! Must be our common Aquarian spunkiness. You could come up to ATL for my party...I've invited a bunch of other pilot wives...

Cyd said...

Hi Nicole! It was fun catching up with all that you've been up to lately. Sounds like life is exciting and that isn't a bad thing. Cute little Rosie is getting so big that I can't believe it! Take care!

Rachel said...

Recommendation for the Dallas/Fort Worth area: Babe's Chicken Restaurant( The best food I've ever had in my whole life. I went to Dallas a few years ago and some friends of a friend of a friend took me there and I even though I can't remember their names I still think of them as angels sent from above.

And what should you order when there? Everything. I'm not joking. It's Texas. You have to go big or go home.

Rachel said...

Sounds like you'll be pretty busy for a while!
Also, when you're in TX go to Pappasito's for some great Tex-Mex! There is one right next to Six Flags.

Blogger said...

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