Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To SLC, or not to SLC

...that is the question.

I've got a 3-day weekend for work, and there's a lot going on in SLC. My friend Nicole's wedding, my friend Antoinette's party, seeing my parents' new home in Lehi, my sister will be down from Rexburg, etc.

Unfortunately, to make it to the wedding and party, I'd have to work a half day Friday. I have lunch plans with my manager, a meeting and tour at one of the hospitals I work for, and no vacation time. Plus the flight loads are really iffy. So if I make it for the fun Friday night, I'd be missing out on an important day. And have to take Rosie out of school. Saturday morning's flight at 6:50 am looks promising, but I'd have to leave Sunday night at midnight for the best chance back. Is it worth the hassle of traveling when I'd be there for less than 48 hours? And all this the weekend that our moving truck arrives in GA?

I'm really jonesing for Leatherby's, Zuppa's, and The Pie.


Someday said...

Not really related to your post, but I saw this and thought of you-

Nicole said...

I got the email early this morning from the NKOTB insider email list. Oh, how I wish I could go! Their bods are so hot right now, imagine all five in a hot tub with me. LOL

Still undecided on SLC.

Ms. Liz said...

Yeah - taking time off your second week - not a great idea... It sounds fun but - yeah...

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