Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday Weather Love Letter

Dear Rain,
Despite the gloominess that many people associate with stormy skies, you make me happy.


When I went on my evening walk last night around 7:00 pm, it was 82 degrees but angry clouds threatened overhead. This morning around 5:30 am, I woke up to a tremendous storm. Thunder rumbled, lightning flashed, wind whipped, and rain/hail beat down. I opened my front door, sat on the entry tile in my pajamas, and watched the storm. Throughout the day, it's rained pretty steadily and topped the mountains with a gorgeous crusting of snow. September snow.

I've always loved the rain. I grew up in Oregon where the climate is moist and temperate. I love how the rain makes everything beautiful and green. I love the refreshing smell. I love the sound of the drops beating on the roof. I love the rainbows. I love the cloud formations. I love the first glimpses of blue sky after a storm.

Last week, Georgia got slammed by massive rainstorms and flooding, and a tiny part of me wished that I could have been there to watch the storm. So as a consolation prize, I think Mother Nature sent along today's storm just for me.


Hizzeather said...

I LOVE storms! Alas, we don't get to many here. :(

B&U&I said...

I totally understand the feeling of wanting to be in Georgia in the storms. When I lived back home in NC I loved when Hurricanes would come through just because it was hours upon hours of fierce wind and pelting rain...I loved every minute of it (as long as there was no severe damage).

gabriellevalentine said...

I LOVE the rain, too. Such a cozy day - raining cuddling with a good book!

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