Tuesday, November 24, 2009

HiChew Heaven

One of my fellow food blogger friends tipped me off on an Asian Market in Hacienda Heights, CA called Nijiya Market. They have a wide variety of HiChew flavors that I've been looking for (and have gotten impatient waiting for J-List's 6 week shipping delay) Reviews to follow on my other blog, Nicole Rates It.

What's your favorite HiChew flavor? Mine is now cotton candy. HOARD IT IF YOU FIND IT. I also love mango, yogurt, and melon. Chewable bliss!


littletower31 said...

Nicole, have you ever had Mambas? I've never had Hi-Chew, but it sounds kinda similar to Mambas. Kind of a fruity/chewy Starburst like candy. I used to love Mamabas. Although just now when googling Mambas I found something about a link to cancer- Yike!

Nicole said...

I do love Mambas. I can get them at my grocery store, and do so often. Once I found a local source for HiChews, I haven't been buying Mambas as often (although I do prefer them over Starbursts)

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