Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Justice and Mercy

Later on this morning, I will be here:
I will be making a victim impact statement. It's been 5 years since the crime, and the offender has been behind bars for 4 years. It's parole hearing time, and he could be out on the streets very soon. I'm nervous. Especially because I'm living in Utah again.

For a long time I hated him. The lives of my daughter and I were forever changed. It was a painful recovery process, riddled with insecurity, doubt, distrust, fear, and feelings of violation. But now, a few years later, I now feel like I've forgiven him. Forgiven, but I don't trust him. I don't know if more time behind bars will honestly be beneficial in the long run. I hope he can find a way to live a normal and productive life. I just want him to stay out of mine.

For weeks, I've been struggling with what I would say. I just finished editing and printing the document for the court record. Now it's time to gain my composure, drive up to "Point of the Mountain," and look him in the eye.


Deb said...

Good luck with that. I am sure you will do great, and that those in the position will make the correct decision.

Laree said...

Oh, wow. I hope it goes well!

Lori said...

I'll be thinking of you, stay strong.

Sofia Lung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Summer said...

Good luck Nicole. I can only imagine how hard that must be for you. Stay strong. I know you can do this. :)

Hizzeather said...

I hope it went well! Call me if you need to talk!

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