Sunday, December 7, 2008

Honest Mistakes

On Thursday night, I was Facebooking to my heart's content, and got a message to from my visiting teacher to view a video of her cute kids. I clicked on the link. I'd been updating other media players that night, so when the pop-up for Flash player update came on, I clicked it without thinking. I looked at the actual page and realized that YouTube was spelled YuoTube. I immediately realized what I was happening, and tried to stop it. But it was to no laptop was invaded with the Facebook virus. It turned my laptop into a zombie. I was horrified.

My sweet husband decided to come back to Michigan for a day and a half to see if he could recover my files, wipe the hard drive,
start from scratch and reinstall programs. . To thank him for coming, I made him some peanut butter cookies...which got a little burned. While he was prepping the external hard drive for the 80GB file transfer, we decided to watch Garden State. I grabbed a bowl of water and one of my pomegranates to start shucking the arils, and realized that I sprayed purple juice all over my favorite crisp white tee shirt. I ran to my purse for my Tide-to-go pen, but it had been rubbed to death and was bone dry. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll come out in the wash.


Parrylarious said...

Oh that could SOOOO be my day, any given day. The only difference is that it would take more than an airplane to get my husband to work on my computer. I am so sorry about your shirt. I spilled clorox on my new $200 boots that I just bought (I buy a new pair only every 6-7 years) after wearing them only once. AUGH!!!! Oh and a small splash on my new skirt that night as well. I feel your pain.

Jennette said...

Whoa, I think I got a similar same virus. My computer has been acting funky since last week and I thought it was taken care of, but apparently not. Darn virus!!

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