Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Technology Decade

1998: Started a Hotmail account
1999: Fell in love with Ebay
2000: Purchased my first computer and cell phone
2001: Purchased my first DVD player and digital camera
2002: Began Blogging
2004: Internet Dating
2005: Myspace
2006: Facebook
2007: Purchased my first laptop and iPod
2008: Twitter

What will I be obsessed with in 2009?


The Onofrio's said...

Kindle? I want one so bad.

LYDIA said...

I thought about filling this out, but honestly, I don't remember!

Nicole said...

It just MIGHT be a BlackBerry pearl or other smartphone. We're up for our cell phone contract renewal in February, which just happens to be when my birthday is.

The Kindle looks super cool too!

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