Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Meeting Blogger Friends: Lori

Call me crazy, but I've never been one to shy away from meeting a new online friend. I'm gutsy and trusting, and I've made some amazing friends just by taking a chance. Heck, I met my husband from the internet! Last week in Cali, I tried to meet up with Hizzeather, but it wasn't in the cards due to difficult car situations. I'm looking forward to meeting Partner of a Pilot sometime in 2009 in England, as well as my ladies from Pilot Wives Club in March. And yesterday was my day to meet Lori.

Lori and I have been emailing for nearly a year, since she found me linked to my dad's accident blog. She randomly met my grandma waiting for a Temple Square flower tour in 2006. She got along well with grandma, and spent the rest of the trip in SLC with her. They've been keeping in touch via email, and we eventually started emailing. During this year she's faithfully followed my blog, and also began a blog of her own. I was going to be in her neck of the woods driving through Ohio, so we finally met up for lunch.

We tried to meet at Cavanaugh's Irish pub, but they weren't serving food yet. We settled on a Bob Evans' around the corner. We chatted and ate for about an hour. The funniest part for me is that she had the same haircut as Rosie! (long dark layers with bangs)

Thanks for lunch Lori! It was great to finally meet you!


Lori said...

I loved meeting you two and I totally enjoyed your post. Now go check out mine. I started to read yours but decided I wanted to write my OWN verson so after a sentence I went on to compose mine. Now I am reading yours.

Hizzeather said...

Arghhh! I wish it would have worked out!

My health is finally a bit better. Here's hoping you can make it out Jan 31st! :)

Silvie said...

By going to England in 2009, you mean United Kindom, Europe? If so, let me know!

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