Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Non-Rev Roulette

I decided on a new term for the luck required in flying non-rev...Non-Rev Roulette. I coined the term while punching in a Twitter message about crossing my fingers about getting a seat from SLC to LAX on Monday night. There had been a lot of weather delays through the day, and the airline had reassigned many passengers to my flight. The flight had 48 seats available in the morning, and an hour before I needed to leave for the airport the flight was overbooked by 6. However, several flights never made it in and the flight ended up being wide open. I got my boarding pass, lugged my bags through the jetbridge, and realized that our seats were in FIRST CLASS!

Rosie and I got free movies, pillows, blankets, Sunchips and comfy seats. I watched 97 minutes of American Teen, and Rosie watched Wall-E (when she was not listening to her new pink MP3 player from Grandma and Grandpa Watson) It would have been nicer to have seats in first on a longer flight, but we were happy to have a little pre-Christmas perk!


Lori said...

"Non-Rev" I always wondered what that term meant, till lastnight when Sam came home from work (contract for Comair)he was talking about one of his co-workers taking non-rev flights and then he said something about non revenue in the next sentence. So now I know what non-rev is and I don't think I want that hassle in my life. I'm sure it was great being pampered in FIRST CLASS.

Nicole said...

Non-rev is the equivalent of standby. Non-revenue just means that the airline does not get a financial revenue from having employee's families on flights. Non-rev passengers will always be trumped by paying/revenue passengers. It's a perk that's a blessing and a curse: I love the ability to fly for free, but sometimes it's a pain to wait in the airport hour after hour because an elite traveler decides to take an earlier flight, or someone has higher seniority.

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