Thursday, February 19, 2009

Eye Goobers

My eyes have been bugging me all day I fell asleep in tears last night. I woke up with them glued shut and burning. I put hot compresses on before work to clear the gunk. All day they itched, dripped tears, and stung. By the time work was over, I had a slight fever. I got home, and laid next to my flu-symptomed husband. We took a nap, and my eyes were even more cemented shut when I woke up.

Yesterday, ATL had a tornado watch. Insane winds, torrential rain, thunder and lightning. I think all this storminess mixed up all the allergens and set my allergy symptoms on fire.

I have been prone to eye infections for years, and I'm certain that I have 2-3 bottles of prescription eye drops...but they haven't been unpacked yet. Oh, the pain!


Lori said...

That's why we skipped SAN-ATL-CIN, we went thru SLC instead. More about that on my blog tomorrow. I hope you can find your eye drops and you feel better.

Mandy said...

I have a bottle over here from our last round of pink eye:)

Nicole said...

Eye drops found...YEAH!

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