Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Product Review: Tim Tams

Recently I was approached by a marketing company to review a product on my blog. I like free stuff, so why not? I was promptly shipped a package of Pepperidge Farm TimTam Chocolate Crème Sandwich Cookies. They package touts them as "Australia's Favorite Cookie". And since I'm a fan of many foods foreign, and I had read a very positive review on Phoood, I was excited to give it a try. I included my husband, daughter, and a friend for a full-bodied review of TimTams.

I was first suprised at the crunchy wafer. It is more like a graham cracker than a traditional layered wafer cookie (that has a crunch similar to a KitKat) It reminds me of the Ghiradelli chocolate-covered graham cracker cookie. The chocolate fudge is just the right amount of sweet. I enjoyed the difference of texture between the layers, and the crème in the middle is AMAZING. It makes a great complement to a cup of cocoa or tea.

My husband said that it was really satisfying and he'd eat more if they were in the house. My friend Clint said they were "delightfully delicious." Rosie said "it's GOOD! I loved it! I wish they gave us more" The four of us devoured the package within a few minutes, and were wanting to head to Target to buy more. They are only available on a limited basis at Target until March, so make sure you grab a package next time you are in the store.


Lia said...

Phil loves Tim Tams. I brought him home a couple of packages last year when I came home from NZ. He says they're the best if you bite off the end then dip them in milk. Are the Tim Tams they're selling in stores here made here? The reason I ask is because American chocolate is not quite as tasty as NZ and Australian chocolate. I might run to the store now and see if our Target has any. It would be a nice final touch for Phil's birthday that's dragging on and on!

elsja said...

Oooo I wonder if they taste like real tim tams!! Yum. Bite off each end and then dunk one end in coffee or tea and suck the tea through the tim tam... it's delish!

PS- if any of you have a Cost Plus world market near you- you can sometimes find real tim tams! :)

Technical said...

Great article! Don't forget, we would love to see your photos on the Tim Tam community site,

Mike and Jenny said...

Thanks Nicole, my dad has traveled to Australia for years and got those. He hasn't been for awhile and they are my ABSOLUTE favorite. I am running to target right now :)

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