Sunday, February 1, 2009

Meeting Blogger Friends: Hizzeather

It's always an exciting thing when you meet a new friend. It's even cooler when you can meet that person on their wedding day. Yesterday I finally met Heather (Hizzeather) and her new husband Cody. I drove up to their beautifully decorated reception in Palmdale in record time, so I was able to enjoy all of the reception festivities.

Most of her decorations were hand-made, in green, black and white. It was beautiful, but very personal to her too. I loved the pink roses trailing down her cake.

My favorite part of the reception was watching them dance. You could just tell how in love they are. And halfway through their romantic first dance, they broke out into some funky moves, just like the Youtube Wedding Couple.
Going to a reception for a virtual stranger can be a bit daunting, so I asked Heather who I should go talk to so I didn't feel like a lonely idiot. She suggested that I talk to Debbie, we hit it off and talked the rest of the reception.


Mandy said...

that is beautiful cake ... and you look great in that color blue!!!!

Rachel said...

Yeah, I liked your blouse, or is it a dress? Good color choice!

Nicole said...

Thanks! It's a tea-length crepe dress, and the skirt has some pleats in it. I love the satin trim and rhinestone buttons. I've been coveting it at Macy's for months, and just happened to get it on the clearance rack...normally $120 for $26 :)

Josie said...

That is so awesome! How fun is that!

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