Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hurt Feelings

Why did this video feel so appropriate yesterday?
Last night, Taylor and I watched the new Flight of the Conchords episode, The Tough Brets.Why is it that watching FotC just sometimes is the only part of the day that doesn't suck? Especially in Michigan...we watched the whole first season there, and it's one of the only happy parts of our life from March last year.

Oh, btw. I used my American Express Rewards points to get ticket to see these guys in concert at the Fox Theater on April 11th. Seeing these guys for free is practically a dream, especially because we know exactly how it is to be just as broke as their characters are.


Misty said...

Oh man...have you ever been to the FOX theatre? I saw Phantom of the Opera there; that place is amazing; the women's bathroom was my favorite part-it has a huge victorian style lounge in it!

sarahbclark! said...

i love them! now i'm going to be obsessed with getting tickets to one of their chicago shows.

Mary Watson said...

ha ha I was thinking of pranking someone at best buy (cough) and randomly asking for this bands CD cause I've never heard of them... and look, you got tickets!! funny!!

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