Friday, November 14, 2008

Mutually Beneficial

Yesterday I had my interview at Emory. I hate to get my hopes up prematurely, but I really think I've got the job. I was impressed by the people that I met with, had comments ranging from acceptable-to-stunning for every question, had a lot in common with the interviewers, and just had a good gut feeling. I am CERTAIN that I am qualified for the position, it is a position that INTERESTS me, and I would have a TALENT for. I was told they are going to interview a few other candidates for comparison, but the director also mentioned making an appointment next week to discuss salary. I don't want to be crushed emotionally if I don't get the job, but I'm cautiously and enthusiastically optimistic.

After the interview, Taylor and I checked out a few apartments and condos in the Decatur/North Druid Hills area. We have our top two places selected, both with immediate availability, with the same top-ranked elementary school assigned to the units. We had dinner at Fat Matt's Rib Shack with Clint, Hank, and Marissa. We followed Clint onto the wrong way on a one-way street and narrowly missed a major crash. Today Taylor is on reserve from 11a-11p, and I hope that he doesn't get called so I can get some quality hubby time.


Hanson3 said...

You need to go to the Mellowmushroom! It is the BEST pizza place ever in atl.
Here's the adrs. Commerce Square
265 Ponce De Leon Place
Decatur, GA 30030

Rachel said...

Hope you get the job!! When is your big move?

Kim said...

Good Luck!

Jennifer said...

I hope you get the job! We will miss your smiling face here, tho.

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