Sunday, November 9, 2008

Weekend with Rosie

...Turning in the bottles and cans for recycling (Rosie collects $4.80)
...Eating at a new restaurant that makes their own root beer
...Hanging out with Erin

...Making sausage, ham, and 3-cheese breakfast casserole
...Seeing High School Musical 3 with Hillary
...Buying a few new clothing items each (for next to nothing)
...Rosie lasertagging at Zap Zone for a birthday party, while I enjoy gelato at the cafe next door
...Reading Dr. Seuss books together

...Sleeping in late
...Eating homemade raisin spice oatmeal
...Going to church
...Going to ward choir (WebKinz club downstairs, adults singing upstairs)
...Eating a simple dinner of corn, green beans, and leftover breakfast casserole
...Getting into pajamas at 5:30 pm to relax and prepare for the week ahead

So far, Taylor's 5 for 5 on working reserve days this week. When his other pilot friends transferred to ATL, they only got called once or twice during the whole month. Taylor's had to work every day, and usually only has 90 minutes get dressed, drive, and report to the airport. He is lucky if his schedule is updated online before he gets the crew sched call. It's going to be a long month if his schedule continues this way. I hope he gets a decent line next month.


The Onofrio's said...

Where's the restaurant that makes their own root beer. Tony LOVES root beer. You guys sound like you have a lot of fun together.

Nicole said...

It's Culvers, over by Meijer on Warren. I guess they technically don't make the RB themselves, but it's their own brand in the fountain, and it was so tasty! Rosie and I kept going back for refills. We'd never been there before, but I have a feeling we'll be back. Rosie and I always have a blast together. She's the coolest kid, I swear.

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