Friday, March 6, 2009

Diagnosis Confirmed

Disclaimer: I am not a hypochondriac. I am an informed employee in a health-related profession.

Have you ever had something wrong with your health, which you absolutely knew, but your doctor wouldn’t take the time to listen to all of your symptoms? And you saw multiple doctors over an extended length of time, which never went beyond the obvious symptoms and only gave you the easy answer?

Yesterday I met with a doctor who really listened. He spent a focused 25 minute on my personal and family health history and symptoms, and confirmed a diagnosis I was certain I had for nearly 6 years. He agreed that the class of drugs I’d been treated with for 13 years was not working, and apologized that I hadn’t been prescribed something different sooner. He handed me a script for a drug that sounds like something an archeologist would discover, and asked me to come back in three weeks. I have a less common variation of the condition, but it does require the same treatment. I feel some amount of peace knowing my body well enough to not accept the status quo diagnosis.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable publicly publishing what health condition I have (I know…me being secretive?!?). I will say that the doc expects the medication to help my sleep quality significantly, without any sedative or stimulant effects. It’s not life threatening nor contagious, so have no fear! I’ll get through this, will a little help from my pills.


Quixotic Healer said...

Congratulations! Dealing with this situation with friends, family, and, to an extent, myself, I know that "Frustrated" barely scratches the surface.

I'm so happy you found a doctor to listen/care/take time with you.

Holloway Family said...

I understand the feeling. I have lived with chronic back pain for nearly 20 years, knee pain for 25 years and no doctor has done anything except prescribe physical therapy (which causes more pain) and pain meds (I love that part). Finally in October the diagnosed me with RA. Now on the right medication the symptoms can be reduced and I have a lot more days without pain, or at least less pain so that I can at least function on a somewhat normal level. Good luck!!

clintwarbington said...

You should listen to old college lectures to help you

Lori said...

That's great news. Hopefully you'll be telling us that you actually slept 8 hrs IN A ROW!

KJ said...

I'm totally dealing with the same sort of situation. I've been having stupid RLQ pains since at least January,however I've had other issues since last summer. The last doctor is convinced its a pulled muscle...I really don't think I've done something that strenuous lately besides dress shopping. I don't think I pulled a muscle then. Anyway, I'm going home home next week to see someone who I'm sure will listen to me! Sucks how doctors always think they know for sure...Anyway! Good Luck with the New treatment and way to be an informed Patient!!

Janelle said...

I too have a problem that several doctors have never been able to solve and no one has ever even heard of. I have done hours of Internet research to no avail, it stinks!

Also, once I find a doctor who does listen and feels confident that they will find a solution always ends up giving up on me because their solutions do not work. It is frustrating but I don't even know where to go from here.

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