Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Layout

Hey folks who read my blog in Google Reader or other subscription feed:

I just updated my blog's layout with help from
April and Heather. Two people have told me that my blog pages won't load without an error message. I've checked it on my three computers in Explorer, Firefox, and Safari. Could you go to my page and comment, letting me know if you're having any problems with the page loading?


Jamie said...

I'm on firefox, no errors here. Looks great!

Tripacerchick said...

Love the new look!!!

At home, I have no problems with loading your site. Sometimes it's a little slow, but I make Firefox reload it, then it goes faster.

At work, I use IE, and it works fine there too, except for the page tried to load with a Microsoft thing (similar to allowing an "active x" controller). I get the yellow bar at the top of the page that says that this site is trying to load with/use ... I'm not sure of the exact wording as I am at home as I type this, but your site is the only one where I get that message.

Happy Formatting!

Hizzeather said...

No errors here either...Firefox.

elsja said...

Works fine for me on IE7! :)

Janelle said...

Firefox also, works for me!

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