Monday, March 9, 2009

Who blogged this recipe?

Somebody, and I can't remember who, recently mentioned in their blog how delicious it was to make sugar-free black cherry jello with diet ginger ale....and how it has a slight cola taste to it when prepared. I tried it out, and I'm hooked! It's so tasty! And it's one of those unlimited/anytime snacks I can have on Thrive! (other items include pickles, sugar-free Popsicles, bouillon, and fibrous carbs) I want to give credit where credit is due for my new favorite snack...was it you? I owe you a great big hug.

P.S. Vernors' Ginger Ale, made in Michigan, is the best ginger ale. Period. And I'm so happy that the Publix by my house carries it.


The American Homemaker said...

We don't do artificial sweeteners at our house, but I might just try this with regular stuff :)

Quixotic Healer said...

Blech! Me no likey Vernor's.

I'm Canada Dry all the way!

KC Mom said...

OOh, that sounds good. Do you drink it or set it as a jello? Could you do both?

Nicole said...

I make it as jello. I use just enough boiling water with the powder to let all of it dissolve, then pour in the ginger ale. I like the jello a little thicker (think jiggler consistency) but use can use a total of liquid equal to the water called for on the jello box.

And Mary - Don't knock Vernors till you've had it from the fountain. That's what made me a believer. Canada Dry is too boring for me now.

Rhonda said...

OK, I come by way of...oh dang it, I don't remember. THIS MUCH I KNOW! You like VERNORS too. We are in CT and holy cow...I FINALLY found someone who goes back and forth to Buffalo, NY and brings it back for us.

There is NOTHING better than VERNORS. Truly only for those with good taste. Haha. My son in law brought it out to us from Utah for Christmas.

Anyway, fun blog. LOVE your postings.

Nicole said...

Oh...figured it out! It was someone I follow on Twitter that shared the recipe!

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